Customer Relationship Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a business solution application providing businesses the tools needed to track sales, customer service, and marketing. It takes care of all the organization required for a company to be effective and efficient. Combined with customizable features, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect instrument for any company.

Choosing Right

The following are tidbits of what Microsoft Dynamics can do for your business, categorized by organization roles:

Executive Management

Provides visibility across all business units and departments. It's scalable for all levels of growth. Integration of newly acquired business units can be done with zero interruption to existing business units.


Retrieve accurate pforecasting of sales pipeline. Quates and terrirotires are enforceable. Win/Loss numbers are accurate and timely. Workflow automatially generates key notifications.


View all a customers historical activities, notes, quotes, orders, contacts and more from their customer record. Quickly create consistent and professional quotes with accurate pricing.

Operations Management

Customer service and support have consistency in all aspects, including response, communication, and completion. All email interaction is captured and available indefinitely. Processes can be tuned as support processes evolve.


Events and campaign management can be tracked from concept to execution all the way through to sales. Marketing effectiveness data provides insight into which marketing efforts provided the most desirable results.

On-premise vs Hosted

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has two types of deployments, on-premise and hosted. On-premise CRM allows you to install the program on your servers and have complete control over its functionality and database. Hosted CRM is provided from a remote location and clients access it over the Both have their strengths and depending on your needs, we can provide you the information that your organization needs in order to make that decision.